Oct 4-6 - SEGUE FALL RETREAT!!!! Make sure to check out the Segue retreat page for more information!


Who are we?

Segue is a community that cares about students and the issues they face. Our values are rooted in the Christian faith, including the belief that every person is valuable. Our group is known for being both welcoming and helpful. Feel free to check out our community anytime.

Segue members care about the world around us and are actively involved in bringing awareness to and combating injustice (i.e. poverty, human trafficking, etc). Faith exploration/maturation leadership development are also important to us and we provide opportunities for both.

Segue is the group responsible for Red Frogs at the UofM. Our amazing teams are invited to some of the best parties/socials on campus. You will find us handing out freezies, donuts, cookies, candy and water and making new friends around campus.


Segue is committed to:

Smooth Transitions - Helping students through critical life transitions and in their journey to find purpose
Faith Community -  Building a community of faith that addresses the spiritual needs of students in positive ways
Social Justice - Engaging social concerns through collaborative awareness and action initiatives


What do we do?

Weekly Pizza Lunches. FEAST Nights. Book and/or Bible Studies. Prayer. Justice Inititaives (awareness and action). Red Frogs Hydration Stations. Student Support. Life Coaching.
Email contact: segue.uofm@gmail.com


Where are we? 

Segue is located in room 126 of Helen Glass (building connected to University Center) 

How to find us: 

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